The Hoglet

Fidget Toy + Computer Mouse

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Shipping Update

Due to a recent change in manufacturing partners, we are currently unable to provide an approximate shipping date for Hoglet preorder purchases. With the Hoglet still being in a Kickstarter phase, we prioritize producing a quality product in the order the Hoglets were purchased. Hoglets are still available for preorder at our special preorder price. We will continue to update those who have preordered with their potential shipping dates regularly. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Not everyone learns the same way.

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Specifically designed for kids with ASD and other learning challenges

Ideal for sensory seekers, and kinaesthetic and tactile learners

The ergonomic design and soft, grippy surface is also helpful for people with arthritis and neuromotor impairments that make it hard to grasp conventional computer mice

“The hoglet creates a fun sensory-rich experience for learners. It has helped my daughter be more engaged and confident!”

Julia (Mother of child with developmental disabilities)

“I like that it is spiky and it fits in my hand when I play games and do school work. It feels good in my hand and fits there when I’m doing work.It’s so cool and other kids like it”

Isaac (age 13)

"I really like the Hoglet because it feels cool in my hand and I love all of the bright colors."

Riley (age 11)